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Pugs are a loving and charming part of the toy group. They are undeniably adorable with many traits that make them a great pet for anyone. They are even-tempered and loving. They are great for kids and families!


At Cantu Kennels, our experienced dog breeder and vet work together to raise pug puppies until they join you in your new life together! All dogs are spayed and neutered beforehand and are given a clean bill of health.

At Cantu Kennals, our co-breeder Melissa, and I work together to raise pug puppies until they are ready to go to their new homes.  Every breed have their special needs and pugs are no exception.  Very low maintenance on the whole.  



Good care starts with good nutrition.  There are so many different foods to chose from now; I find it easiest when bringing a puppy home to continue with what the breeder has been feeding until you've decided to change later to what you want.  I feed a good quality kibble moistened in warm water.  I feed both a grain free and also a minimal grained diet, depending on the dog's needs.  I feed new eaters the same food as the mom is eating then switch a bit later to the minimal grained diet.  My vet suggested this way the puppies can grown up with a tolerance to grains and not run into skin issues.  NO table scraps!  Pugs are known to be 'easy keepers', meaning they look at food and gain weight!  They get a biscuit when I have to crate them but that is it.  I do feed twice a day, keeps them happier.  

Teeth will need cleaning as well periodically.



I won't lie or try to hide the fact - pugs shed 24-7!!!  With an occasional bath, a daily (or every couple days) combing, this shouldn't be too much of a problem. They will usually have a heavy shed a couple times a year.  It's a good thing pugs have great personalities!  Nails. Every groomer's nightmare is a pug coming in for a nail trim. There should be in the standard somewhere pugs do not tolerate nail trimming, will scratch the bejeebers out of your arms and still struggle when totally exhausted!  Start them out young and maybe you'll have one of the good ones!



Pugs will do anything you ask of them as long as they think it's their idea.  Many are doing agility runs these days and absolutely love it.  I don't recommend a long hike up a mountain trail unless you plan on carrying him part way.  Their short noses make it hard on them.  Extreme heat is hard on them as well. On long hot trips I recommend a wet towel for them to sit on, or they've come out with cool pads that are wonderful.  I put one of those in their crates this summer when I had to work this summer for each dog.  


Finally, I must say, before I actually got my first pug, I was scared of all the 'health issues' they had, or I had heard about.  In actuality, yes, I did lose partial eyesights due to scratches from rough playing or fighting (2 males I had hated each other once a female came along) but aside from this, I've never had any life threatening issues that was a concern for the future. Careful breeding I like to think.


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