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About the French bulldog breed

With regular checkups, French bulldogs can normally live between 11 and 13 years. Grooming a Frenchie is relatively easy with their short coats but they do have fast growing nails that often require trimming. Their ears and teeth should be regularly checked and cleaned.


Some health problems to be aware of with this breed are spinal problems caused by abnormal vertebrae due to their short, stocky bodies. Frenchies are also less tolerant of heat than other breeds due to their short faces and less efficient breathing which can cause respiratory problems. Because of this, fresh water and cool rooms should always be available to avoid health problems and stress.

French bulldogs are a great addition to any home and popular pet choice for those who are interested in a new puppy. They are moderately active, intelligent, playful, and muscular with a medium or small structure. Frenchies rarely bark unless alerting owners to danger which is a bonus.


They enjoy occasional exercise but because of their short noses, they should not be exposed too much on hot days to avoid health problems. The main hobby of a French bulldog is to be a faithful lapdog to their owner. Cantu Kennels is an experienced dog breeder with a vet on hand to raise your puppy in the best of health!

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